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Plastic Profiles

Plastic Profiles may also serve as a structural material, panel, guide, insulator, connection, sealant, and sealant. Plastic channels are produced by the extrusion of plastic. They are checked under various quality parameters to ensure their excellent durability.

Waterproofing Membranre

A layer of water-tight material called a Waterproofing Membrane is placed on a surface to stop leaks or damage from water. This simply involves creating a surface impervious to water so that it won't be damaged by it. This is highly appreciated and widely used by our clients.


Insulation Board

Insulation Board with a very high fire safety rating is this board. Vapor barriers are often included on both sides of boards. Furthermore, nothing needs to be taped over because these boards ensure a specific thickness in advance. This is safe and widely appreciated too.


EPDM RUBBER PAD is the ideal anti-aging substance because of its UV resistance, durability, and affordability. EPDM is resistant to water and steam and has low electrical conductivity. This is frequently employed in the automobile sector, due to its advantageous sealing qualities.

Industrial Pipes

Industrial Pipes are referred to as a piping system and enables the transport of fluid or gas from one site to another. The seamless pipe is the system's main support since it can endure pressure and temperature extremes. They are easy to use and very economical too.

Dimpled Drainage Board
Dimpled Drainage Board encourage water to flow away from your foundation and the construction site through drainage. The fabric is covered in dimples or patches that stand out like little mounds when you look at it. This board is easy to install as well as simple to use. 
Floor Protection Corrugated Sheet


Floor Protection Corrugated Sheet performs well when exposed to strong chemicals or inclement weather. When exposed to severe chemicals or inclement weather, this protection board functions admirably. It is ideal for use with vinyl, screen printing, and digital printing. This is safe to utilize.

Expansion Joint Filler Board

Expansion Joint Filler Board is used to absorb thermal expansion. Because this is cross-linked and closed-cell, it eventually prevents extraneous particles from entering the joint. This must also be able to be compressed and recovered during structural or building expansion or contraction. It is resistant to microorganisms and decay.

Rubber Mat

Rubber Mat made of rubber is made to resist a lot of abuse. This is a wonderful option for those searching for a long-term fix because they won't fade or degrade as quickly as other materials. This can be put even on top of the carpet to increase user comfort.


Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pad

Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pad is simple to install in bridges and requires no maintenance. The most cost-effective option employed in the construction of long span bridges and structures is this bearing pad. This is very easy to use and safe to handle. This is very economical to use.

Geocomposite Manufacture

Geocomposite Manufacture is lightweight, highly compressive, and resistant to the biological and chemical conditions that naturally occur in soil. Due to the channel pattern, the flow capacity is significantly higher in the longitudinal direction, making the core structure flexible, low to medium in thickness, and medium to high compressive resistance.


Cavity Connector For Reinforced Soil Walls

Cavity Connector For Reinforced Soil Walls substitutes the galvanized connection that might occasionally corrode and is composed of PP, PVC, ABS, or any other appropriate polymeric material. They combine soil with linear reinforcement in the form of strips, grids, rods, mesh, etc. that can withstand significant tensile stress.